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This blog is all about me. includes research, knowledge, life and all everything about me. The first time I started to build a blog is to save all my documentation about programming trick or method. Just in case I forget which method of programming(especially web programming) I can open my own blog and see the explanation how to do it step by step.

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I am just an ordinary person who loves traveling and programming.

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The purpose of this blog is to share my own experience. You just need to click share button at the bottom of my post. If you want to ask something about me, here is a few steps that you can do:

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I don’t know what i have to write in this section. I just realized that I need a simple page describing about me as an owner of this blog.
Though I am not a good guy, but my friends said that I am a good guy with no expression at all. every time I lough, angry, sad, happy, any kind of expression my face is always flat like this. Even though I don’t like this kind of habit but my friend said that it’s your uniqueness. You are different because of this.

When you meet me for the first time, you will think that I am not a friendly person. You will think that I only care about myself and do not care everything around you. In Indonesia you can call it “jutek”. Well, thanks for reading this blog, hopefully this information could be useful for you.

I love many things that I love such as watching drama, anime, reading a comic, books, and of course dating. Unfortunately I have no girlfriend right now. I will update this page after I have a girlfriend or surprisingly a wife.

*[Updated] I have a wife now. Thanks to Sunni who reminds me.

Finally, I feel that the structure of this about us page is a little bit weird, since I am not a native English. But i will update this page as soon as possible.