I started to publish my achievement hoping that somebody who read this will pray for me to achieve my goal. These include what I’ve achieved and what will i achieved in the future. in summary my achievement stated below. To my friend, please remind me to achieve my goal.

Achievement Status Expected Achieved
Go abroad Achieved Mar 2011 Mar 2011
Study in public university Achieved 2011 Mar 2012
Get a scholarship and study abroad Achieved 2011 Mar 2012
Buy Macbook Achieved 2014 Jan 2016
Umrah Achieved Feb 2011
Get married Achieved 2014 Dec 2014
Get Erasmus Mundus scholarship Not yet Aug 2014
Hajj Not yet Nov 2015
Hajj for my parents Not yet Nov 2016
Diving in Bunaken Not yet Jun 2014
Go to Lombok Not yet Jul 2014
Buy a house Not yet 2016
Buy a car Achieved 2018 Feb 2016