Time flies so fast

As title mentioned “time flies so fast”. I wrote this since i was asked by the department office explained that i have to submit my thesis proposal for my Master Degree. Actually, now i am a 3rd semester student in South Korea but i was asked to submit my thesis proposal. in addition, i didn’t realized that 1 year ago i was a newbie in master course. Time Flies so Fast isn’t it.
Wait a sec, before i continue writing this post, i need to recall my memory.

March 2012
I started my first master course in South Korea majoring in Computer Engineering. (wait, whatt? First master ?) yes you right. i have a plan to take my master once again either in Europe or Japan. (what is the reason) the reason i feel that my current knowledge is not enough for me to continue to Phd, that’s why i decided to retake my master once again. even though for the first time i have many difficulties in learning the lecture, but i tried my best to understand it.

Dec 2011
This is the first time i learn a Indonesian traditional martial art called “Silat”. Yes, i realized that Indonesia rich of cultures, natural resources, languages, and ethnic groups. I am proud to be Indonesian. Actually what i want to learn is traditional dance, but i couldn’t find a course for traditional dance in Bandung, Indonesia. Since the relationship between dance and martial art is similar, i tried to learn martial art. martial is very useful to protect self protection against bad people. Besides that, i want to have more friends, because at that time i have no friend in Bandung. Just for your information my hometown is in Bekasi, another city near the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

June 2011
I got a job as a full time freelancer in a software house company based in Singapore. I call this a freelance job, because it has no company name in Indonesia. but in Singapore this job has a name called “Lotus Partners“. My boss is an Australian who build his company in Singapore. we have only 4 employee in Singapore and 2 employee in Indonesia, including me. Mostly what we are doing is develop a website especially e-commerce. About the salary at that time i got 5.5 million rupiah per month, approximately 550 US dollars. Yes, that amount of salary is higher compare to the average salary of my friends.

April 2011

This time, i started to be a freelancer who tries to find a job for himself. i was looking for a project in Odesk.Odesk is a website which connect between the freelancer and a company. the payment of the project is in dollar and can be transfered using wire transfer, payoneer or moneybookers . if you want to see my profile, you can see here

May 2011
I started to be a backpacker. my first country that i visited is Singapore. Why? no visa required, nearly close to Indonesia, english as a native language. I travelled for 2 days only

Des 2010

i realized that my english is poor. i had been studying english since i was in elementary school. Can you imagined it’s over 15 years but my english is poor. I googled around the internet what is the best way to study english. then Google suggested that i take an english course in Pare. Pare is a city in central java. In that city there are many english course. the difference is in here(pare) the students force by his teacher to speak english every day. hahaha.. i like this.

Oct 2010
For the first time i took an IELTS test. at that time the fee was $180

March 2010
I moved to my new company. i was regret to work for this company. you know why ? because this company is kind of outsourcing company. the company send his/her employee to their clients to do the projects in clients. i hate this company. my contact for this company is 1 year, but i quit after 10 months. that means i have to pay my 2 months salary to that damn company. sigh…

Oct 2008
I got my first job here. My first job is a web programmer. This is the most convenient company that i ever worked.The working conditions is fine and friendly. i like it. You can see the result of my work here

Sept 2004
Graduated from Senior high school

Sept 2001

Graduated from Junior high school

Sept 1998
Graduated from Elementary School

Oct,4 1986
A guy named Perdana Adhitama was born.

Ok, i need to finish my post here quickly. sorry for my the grammar mistake in this post. see you in another post. ^_^


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