Unexpected Birthday Party

I am in a good mood to write an english post. This could be very useful for me to practice my englsh. Actually, i wanna write this around 2 months ago. Finally, i was successfully write this post. Yippiiee

The story begin here.
This happened during my birthday. one day before my birthday, i tried to remove my birth date from my facebook account, then it works. I realized that Skype also shows the birthday of their user. However, after several times trying hard to remove my birth date from Skype, it doesn’t work. at exactly October *th 00:05 am. my friend post a status on my facebook acount, asking that it is true that today is my birthday? He said that he knew from skype account. Then, i lied to my friend, saying that my birth date in skype is fake. “I just edited the date lol” . I did those things because i don’t want my friends know my birthday. IMHO birthday is not important for me.

In the past when i had a birthday my mother always cook “bubur merah putih”. it’s a tradtitional food from Indonesia made from rice and sugar. Do my parents know my birthday? Yes, they know. Each time our family has a birthday we celebrate in a simple and traditional way. No need to spend much time for a birthday party. it’s useless and spend much money.

Back to my story then. I was doing my activity as usual. Go to the lab, did the homework and i didn’t forget to turn on my torrent software to keep my download status running. :D. One of my lab mate, his name is Kuy from Vietnam realized that today is my birthday. Then, i said thank you. I kept doing my research in my lab as usual without realizing that there would be a surprise from my lab mates. After i had a dinner and come back to my lab, the other lab mate, her name is Yen, from Vietnam also. She was asking where would you like to go tonight. Then, i said no, i don’t want to go outside because i have to finish my homework at the lab.

I forgot to mention. On that day i was sick. A very serious disease named homesick . So, i called my friend in Indonesia to cure my illness. At around 11:00pm another lab mates appeared bring a big bag. Suddenly he said, “Dana let’s have a meeting”. we sat in a round table for eat.Suddenly, my friend give me a birthday cake that he bought from a cake Shop named Paris Baquet. I was surprised that he bring a cake for me. Thanks for all of my friend here in Pattern Recognition lab they are very kind to me. once again thank you.

well this is my second post written in english. I believe there are many grammar mistake. i tried my best to write in english to improve my writing. Thank You.


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  1. aaahh i really sorry that i say it a week after 🙁 i wish you a happy life, get your master degree soon! :p

  2. Whether there are special among your friends to congratulate your birthday
    And make you happy

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