Make a simple mailing list using PHP

Simple Mailing List is a PHP and MySQL based open source mailing list. Unlike some other mailing lists, Simple Mailing List was designed to focus on the important features in a mailing list while being easy to use. With features like bounce checking, email confirmations, scheduled mailing, throttle limits, and bulk importing of email addresses, Simple Mailing List has everything you’d want in a mailing list wihout any of the fluff an unnecessary features others have.


  • Clean, clear tabbed interface
  • Easy subscribe/unsubscribe integration with any web page
  • Optional email confirmation to the user upon subscribe/unsubscribe
  • Optional email updates to the list owner upon subscribe/unsubscribe including current member count
  • The ability to schedule mailings for a future date
  • The ability to throttle/limit/queue messages so as not to overload your host’s mail server
  • The ability to send messages as plain text or HTML with a plain text version automatically created using MIME
  • Easy to use member management which shows you members that have signed up but not confirmed their
  • subscription, as well as the ability to remove members in bulk

  • Bulk import email addresses
  • Archives of all sent messages are automatically created
  • Blacklisting
  • Bounce management
  • Templates

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Download the file here
You can check the demo here




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