English Village

Well, this is my first post in english. This time i’d like to share about English Village.
Derived from it’s name English Village means when most people in the village use english as their language.
It is located in Pare,East Java. You can see my previous post about how to get there. For the first time i heard this village is when my friend told a story about his friend whom can’t understand english. Then his friend came to english village and studied english for 4 month. “Awesome” he can speak english fluently and get the job easily.

Quiting from my previous job i decided to went to English Village ASAP. My purpose of coming to english village is to focus on my speaking. Because at that time i only got 5.5 for speaking section in IELTS test. Therefore My first choice is Marvelous english course which focus on speaking.

Most of english course in pare is divided into 2 programs : 2 weeks program and 1 month program. In 2 weeks program it will begin at 25 and 10 every month. However most of 1 month program begin at 10 every month. In 1 month program there are 2 kinds of class : main class and study club.

For transportation in pare, most of students use bicycle as their transportation since the distance is far enough. The fee to rent a bike is between Rp40.000 and Rp50.000. For living there are many boarding house and dormitory which has different fee start from Rp80.000/month to Rp400.000/month. There are also 2 types of boarding house/dormitory
English area and non english area. Derived from it’s name english area provide speaking english all day long. In my opinion you should prefer to choose english area dormitory than non english area dormitory

In General, English Course in pare has speciality in it’s program. There are TOEFL,Grammar,Speaking. At that time i took speaking class for 2 month and IELTS class for 1 month.Based on my experience I will explain some courses in Pare.
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1 Marvelous
Marvelous is famous for American speaking english.In This course you will be taught how to speak like an american even slang language. The teacher named Tantowi experienced 5 years in America. The goal in this course is speak in daily english.

Fee : Rp350.000/month

Elfast is famous for TOEFL,Grammar and writing. When I was studying in Elfast my TOEFL score increased from 480 to 523.

Fee : Rp195.000/month for TOEFL

Actually logico is part of Elfast english course. All of logico teacher is also Elfast teacher. The differences is Logico is provided only 2 weeks program.

Fee : Rp75.000/2weeks for listening

Webster is located near Logico. It famous for it’s vocabulary class. Not only vocabulary but also speaking class is provided in Webster.

Fee : Rp60.000-80.000/2 weeks

5. Global-E
Global E provides 2 weeks and 1 month program. At that time i took writing class for 2 weeks.In writing class you will be tought how to make a good essay. Start from made an introductory paragraph,body and conclusion paragraph.

Fee : Rp75.000/2 weeks or writing

6. Daffodils
All programs in daffodils is 1 month program. Daffdils is famous for it’s Speaking. Most of people in pare knows Daffodils.

Fee : Unknown

7.Hakim Institute
Hakim Institute provides 4 defferent language :English,Mandarin,Japanese and France.

Fee : 250.000/Month for France class

8.Sakura Indonesia
Sakura Indonesia is Japanese course

Fee : 40.000/Month

Kresna is famous for it’s grammar. You can choose grammar package or individual grammar.For Grammar package it takes 2 month but for individual grammar only takes 2 weeks per subject.
Fee : Planet English Program 260.000/month


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